Thursday, January 13, 2011

CSA Week 21

From the Farmer’s Wife
Week 21

   Greetings from Colvin Family Farm! I’m sorry that I haven’t kept up with my commitment to write this weekly letter. I have no excuse. My time is full, but so is yours. Please pray for me/us as we ease into our new fall schedule…it starts at 5:45 and ends when our minds say, “Enough is enough.”
   Welcome to our 27 new fall share holders! You are probably wondering who in the world is writing you…I’m your farmer’s wife! Longtime shareholders will bare with me as we introduce ourselves a bit.
   We are the Colvin family….all 15 of us. Your farmer is Steve, and I’m (Val) his blessed help meet of 29 years. Our oldest son is Matthew (27) and he is in the Air Force. He is in the process of being deployed for the fourth time overseas to Qatar.  Qatar is a TINY country on the Persian Gulf where the Air Force does their Middle East surveillance. This is his fourth deployment there and he loves it…except this time he has a lady friend in the states…that will change the love to….Please pray for him. Melissa is our oldest daughter at 24 ¾. She has been married to a loving husband now for 6 months.  Hannah Grace is 23 and a chef and student at UTK majoring in English Secondary Education. Hope (21) is a Pastor’s wife and she and her husband plant churches in the Midwest besides pasturing a little church on Mt. Eagle Mountain outside Chattanooga. Adam is our birthday boy. (today 9/21/10)  He is now 20, the age the Bible states that a boy is a man of full responsibility. He is our computer man, designing our web page, handling our mail and is learning a lot about finances this summer. He graduated from our home school and Bible College and the Lord has given him a vision to work alongside his Dad to develop Colvin Family Farm into a working family farm that prayerfully will one day support our family and several small families. (He and his brothers.) There are many ideas running through his head…he is learning all about timing. He is a great asset to our family. Caleb is next…just turned 18, he is the second son to follow his father’s footsteps in Bible College. Where Adam is the mind behind the operation, Caleb is the muscle. (Adam works too…) I find it amazing that God enables in many needed areas to complete His plans. He is a great worker and example needed to his little brothers. He too has great ideas for growth, and it’s sweet to this Momma to sit at the dinner table and hear the family discuss…sometimes it’s a lively discussion on what SHOULD be the priority this season or next. Isaac is our budding farmer at 16. He is our water man this year and without his dedication our plants would have dried up. We have been in drought conditions most of the summer, and he is the one that is out in the field at 7:30 a.m. running the last of the water out of the tank on the gasping plants before getting someone to drive him to the lake in the woods to pump the tank full again. He is learning the gentle art of dealing pleasantly with the public…so be patient with him if you are served by him. J Titus is our 14 year old young man. He is bent more like our oldest…technology. When he approaches a manual labor job (that’s our specialty around here) he schemes for a “better” more automated plan. He is the one that will be an inventor one day. He has ALLLLLLLL kinds of plans for new gadgets to invent!  Noah is 12 and has a heart for the farm also. He loves his new sling shot and he and Titus have been doing a lot of target practicing lately. He has a soft spot (as all my boys do to some extent) for little ones. Charity (2) is his “pet”. Faith Anne is our 9 year old little lady.