Monday, January 2, 2012

Are you frugal?

It's a new year, and I'm focusing on how I can serve my Lord Jesus Christ and my family in a more honoring and efficient way in 2012. I've come across a website that is encouraging me to do things I used to do...before maybe the 11th baby...before we moved into the "modern" farm house....before Steve came home full-time...before Colvin Family Farm became a full-time business...before life got REALLY busy....

I want to "simplify" once again...make the laundry soap I USED to make... and make the yogurt I used to...and other nifty things are encouraged on this blog. It's a frugal blog...that is how we have lived all of our married lives....that's how we supported our family on one income...that's our lifestyle...BEFORE it was cool or green.

Would you like to be encouraged to live more simply.."Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without?" The "Frugally Sustainable" blog will be a great help. It's help me dust off "the archives of my heart" and make the time to do it myself!

The blog is having a 23 day challenge...want to join me? It will be fun! Here is the link.

One incentive to visiting the website is the recipes that describe new ways to use the vegetables you receive in your shares or at the grocer. I've got a long list of articles I MAY get to read on one of these frosty winter evenings bookmarked in a folder...until then I'm back to making my own laundry detergent and making my creamy yogurt by the half gallon! :)

I pray all is well with you and your's about to snow here! There is hope for spring though in the strawberries and garlic that still show green through the straw! For now, we're enjoying the "rest!"

Haven't reserved your share yet? It would be best to do it soon since we are "restricting" the number of shares at each market this year. Chattanooga and Oak Ridge are our new pick ups for the year, and we hope that Dayton and Crossville will be growing! I got an inside peek at the seed orders and there are SEVERAL new vegetables we are going to try and grow...artichokes...shallots...melons of several varieties...oh, I had better stop...I'm drooling! ha ha!

I hadn't planned a formal blog today, this just happened when I read about the challenge once again. Why not try it?

From our Farm to Your Homestead,
Abundant Blessings,
The Farmer's Wife